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On that day on 18th March 2017, “ULA- Untied Launch Alliance” launched a resupplying mission to the “NASA- International Space Station”. The launch, is launching an resupply Spacecraft…in which its the seventh Cygnus to resupply, in which previous resupplies were commission in between primary the STS-Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle.. Then onwards, the Soyuz-progress, with the new tendership such as SpaceX- Dragon cargo reusable….

The successful Launch of OA-7 was launched on the east coast, from SLC – Space Launch Complex 41 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station but a part of the payload of the launch package there was a special experiment chosen for the flight towards the International Space Station by Boeing. The Boeing selectively experiment payload was a part of 2016 Genes in Space Competition in which was won by teen Scientist Julian Rubinfien aged sixteen – New England Bio labs Inc., whom wonder about long term space flight in how Genes react to long duration in space also in Spaceflight in harsh environments to see if any chromosome damage effects in space.. ..

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