#ESA – EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY | # Arianespace #VA237 – ViaSat-2 and EUTELSAT 172B – two payloads within one Launch – Highlights of that spectacularly nighttime launch …

As on 1st June 2017, ESA- European Space Agency Arianespace has launched during a night time launch that spectacularly lit up the surround tropical forest of the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana in the hours of 2045 hours local time…… launching spectacularly from the launch pad is the Arianespace five Heavy Launcher rocket from Arianespace- CSG- Europe’s Spaceport in in Kourou, French Guiana……

On that local time night time Ariane Flight VA237 launch is launching two payloads within one launch… it common now to see multiple payloads within one launch as to cut cost, also that satellites technologies have improved over the decades making high quality satellites smaller and cost effective.. As in this launch of two payloads, ViaSat-2- ViaSat INC also EUTELSAT 172B- Eutelsat in which both manufactured In collaborations with  Boeing and Airbus Defense and Space made   internet – tel-communications satellites are placed in Geo stationary orbits..  In which ViaSat-2 provides the provisionment of high velocity data in between all Americas also Atlantic Ocean aswell providing internet – mobile – inflight communications to maritime, emergency operations…..   In which EUTELSAT 172B provides the provisionment towards the Asia-pacific region as well its orbiting positioning can be altered to mission requirement needs with the used of it innovative electric propulsion systems…..

#ESA – EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY | # Arianespace #Soyuz -flight-#VS17- Launch profile……………………

On 18 May 2017, from the ESA- European Space Agency is the launch of ESA – Arianespace- Soyuz from the Spaceport, French Guiana (Guiana Space Center) in which this is a very different type of flight due to the carrier launcher due to it’s a heavily modified Soyuz rocket a very different dress construction from its Russian tailoring..  To the modern systems, also the modern style sleeker secondary payload secondary stage…….

The flight is designated as VS17, in which the payload satellite is Boeing SES-16 Geo Stationary Satellite in which it’s the fortieth satellite to be launch by Arianespace….  SES-16 is a GEO -Geo stationary MEO- Medium Earth Orbit telecommunications satellite in which it’ll provide high end quality provisions of communications of internet, networking,  broadcasting content delivery, through Civilian and Governmentally…. Using the ASTRA system platform which provides Direct To Home Television also is a part of the aviation and Marine’s traffic coordination with a Wide Area Augmentation System with the aim of improving integrity accuracy information …  There are several innovative Hybrid designs with the innovative mixture cocktails of   HTS-wide beam coverage with a electric propulsion for orbital manoeuvres..

The orbital location of the VS-17 is located in 129 degrees west… In which give communications extensive stretching provisions coverage, to all of American continent…..

Lift-off is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2017 at exactly:

– 07:54:53 a.m., in Washington, D.C.
– 08:54:53 a.m., local time in French Guiana
– 11:54:53 a.m., Universal Time (UTC)
– 01:54:53 p.m., in Luxembourg and Paris
– 02:54:53 p.m., in Moscow

#ULA –UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE #BOEING | #ATLASV #STARLINER – Ready to launch to the International Space Station with the CST-100..

As SpaceX, NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration is set to prepare onwardly to supply vitality to the International Space Station that racing every nine minutes around orbiting around this planet Earth also ferrying Astronauts, Cosmonauts, also in company providing Tychonauts…. As ULA- United Launch Alliance Boeing- Bigleow Aerospace relationship begins with the CST-100 Crew Space Transportation -Command Module in which is built on top with the NASA’s Commercial Crew Program to accommodate either with a seven member crew, supplies, or a mixture with crew and supplies of equipment of scientific research, in which the Service Module CST-100 is reusable for least ten times the CST-100 construction assembly is where its built is formerly where the Space Shuttle’s Orbiter Processing Facility is as known to be OPF three at Cape Canaveral….

As this year 2017 is a milestone year with that relationship, in finalization of the Atlas V-StarLiner launch complex at the end of April 2017, with the crew  transfer white room cat walk to the service module, also with the crew escape emergency tower systems installed like the same egress systems like the Apollo, STS-Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle  in which they could escape out from the module and tower via flying fox towards a protective bunker on ground from Space Launch Complex SLC- 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station .

The launch Complex Tower is slated in ready for the 2018, as the finalization of progressive testing for certification of the Atlas V- CST-100 takes place and shape in 2017 year, as its gearing up for launching crew towards the international Space Station.. The CST-100 StarLiner has some innovative technologies such as featuring wireless internet, in connecting with Tablets that allows the crew to control the StarLiner with those devices, as for the in-flight systems with a Glass Cockpit control systems in which there are some basic controls, mixture of touch screen devices to illustrate customization of the user interface of control preferences as those interface were inspired by Star Trek..

#ULA UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE- #BOEING | #DELTAIV – What’s to come for the #WGS9 #SATCOM Satellite …

“The Satellite that protect itself..” Boeing.. 

On 8th March 2017, Wednesday from the ULA- United Launch Alliance- Space Launch Complex- SLC -37, from Cape Canaveral Air force station, Florida.. Is the launch of the ninth launch for the Wideband Global Satellite -SATCOM for the Untied States Air force…. .As the previous one was launched on last year launch calendar seventh December 2016 in which was the eighth WGS-8…   in which is launched on a Boeing Delta four Rocket with two solid rocket boosters, the Atlas four configuration is based on medium plus based 5.4 configuration…..

The Launching profile specifics of the SATCOM- WGS-9 is in the evening of that day with a 121 minute launch window opening at 18:35 hours Eastern Standard Time ……in which live stream broadcast begins on 18:15 Eastern Standard Time..

The Boeing- Wideband Global Satellite- nine is the ninth sister in the series. In which its The payload itself is an Untied States Air Force Satellite client, in which providing essentials Data communications, with an extremely High Capacity enhancement capabilities to the American Defense forces, personal and systems for the next Decade… In the WGS-9 one of many primary purposes is itself ulitizites itself as Command and Control, Communications Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), in which provides the provisions of Combat Data analysis support of the theatre of operations of informationally… Its communications broadcast systems sits on UHF frequencies in the allocation of the X-band and one GHz of the Ka Band spectrum..  As WGS-7 is in operations, the Eighth previously launched, Ninth is one of series on contract order among with the network of and tenth underway soon..  The antennas of eight steerable in which is design to counter any jamming that it receives as they can been adjusted to cover maximum communication s with the ground in avoiding the jamming…