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“The Satellite that protect itself..” Boeing.. 

On 8th March 2017, Wednesday from the ULA- United Launch Alliance- Space Launch Complex- SLC -37, from Cape Canaveral Air force station, Florida.. Is the launch of the ninth launch for the Wideband Global Satellite -SATCOM for the Untied States Air force…. .As the previous one was launched on last year launch calendar seventh December 2016 in which was the eighth WGS-8…   in which is launched on a Boeing Delta four Rocket with two solid rocket boosters, the Atlas four configuration is based on medium plus based 5.4 configuration…..

The Launching profile specifics of the SATCOM- WGS-9 is in the evening of that day with a 121 minute launch window opening at 18:35 hours Eastern Standard Time ……in which live stream broadcast begins on 18:15 Eastern Standard Time..

The Boeing- Wideband Global Satellite- nine is the ninth sister in the series. In which its The payload itself is an Untied States Air Force Satellite client, in which providing essentials Data communications, with an extremely High Capacity enhancement capabilities to the American Defense forces, personal and systems for the next Decade… In the WGS-9 one of many primary purposes is itself ulitizites itself as Command and Control, Communications Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), in which provides the provisions of Combat Data analysis support of the theatre of operations of informationally… Its communications broadcast systems sits on UHF frequencies in the allocation of the X-band and one GHz of the Ka Band spectrum..  As WGS-7 is in operations, the Eighth previously launched, Ninth is one of series on contract order among with the network of and tenth underway soon..  The antennas of eight steerable in which is design to counter any jamming that it receives as they can been adjusted to cover maximum communication s with the ground in avoiding the jamming…

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