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“….A Hangi combo ( Noun) is a Special blend of ingredients that a make a Hangi Sing Sweet, sweet Culinary Sounds….”.. Air New Zealand 

As The summery festive events continue in New Zealand, “ Air New Zealand” explains food is one component of that festivities, in which a traditional iconic summer Barbecue- BBQ is one, but in New Zealand one is even more iconic… is the Traditional Hangi… in which is a ground oven, in which a massive oven hole is dung, then followed by hot fiery embers, from burning coals, or various native woods, like from chopped timber emberic pines, Rimu, Kauri trees in which gives the extra aroma inside the flavour, followed by wrapping up the follow of your own choosing like, various meats, vegetables… either then wrapped up in flak leave, now days in pots or sacks… the menu is cooked with sack coverage then with dirt covering it to have steaming for a few hours till everything is cooked in which the menu is well truly healthy with the aromas ..  Serving to how large is your oven pit is with awesome- Choice Kai- food…

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