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Recently on a “Cathy Pacific- Dragon” special chartered flight in which the flight takes place in flying around Already tomorrow in Hong Kong in a Cathy Pacific – Dragon medium Aircraft, an Airbus 320 on a Flight KA 0877 on which flight takes place in between Hong Kong to Shanghai…. In celebrating the wedding reception for Mr Ha. And Miss Zhen Men Qui, as they recollect their first memorable moment how that they first met in a Travelling forum from then Mr Ha have found his travelling companion for life, Miss Zhen Men Qui.. as they get to know each other she found that he makes the wonderful things in life bigger also everyday of lives better through him everything she see is more beautiful … as they adventure through life together.. Throughout their adventuring together Mr Ha soon fall in love with Ms Zhen that she’s a lovely interesting girl…. as they exchange marriage wedding vowels at an attitude of 35,000 feet in the air.. They celebrate it with family, friends, also the in flight crew of Cathy Dragon…

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