#AIRNEWZEALAND | #NZSUMMER – What goes into #HANGI Combination with awesome Kai- Air New Zealand Explains…


“….A Hangi combo ( Noun) is a Special blend of ingredients that a make a Hangi Sing Sweet, sweet Culinary Sounds….”.. Air New Zealand 

As The summery festive events continue in New Zealand, “ Air New Zealand” explains food is one component of that festivities, in which a traditional iconic summer Barbecue- BBQ is one, but in New Zealand one is even more iconic… is the Traditional Hangi… in which is a ground oven, in which a massive oven hole is dung, then followed by hot fiery embers, from burning coals, or various native woods, like from chopped timber emberic pines, Rimu, Kauri trees in which gives the extra aroma inside the flavour, followed by wrapping up the follow of your own choosing like, various meats, vegetables… either then wrapped up in flak leave, now days in pots or sacks… the menu is cooked with sack coverage then with dirt covering it to have steaming for a few hours till everything is cooked in which the menu is well truly healthy with the aromas ..  Serving to how large is your oven pit is with awesome- Choice Kai- food…

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#AIRNEWZEALAND | #NZSUMMER – traditional Summery dishes – Mussel Fritter…

As Already New Zealand is currently in Summer, Already the Summery food Festivities continues with a Kiwi, New Zealand Classic dish, one classic is the Whitebait Fritters, the other Traditional classic is the Mussel Fritters in which you can find either Whitebait or Mussel Fritters in local Takeaways or on Fieldays in Hamilton with some good Kai- Food in Maori…

As “Air New Zealand” Demonstrates with Russell’s  The Fritter Shack how to cook and what you’ll need to cook the iconic fritters… in which is a New Zealand Staple food diet best serve with lots of sauce..

½ dozen eggs

500 grams diced chopped New Zealand Fritters..

One Finely Chopped Onion..

Chopped Parsley

Flour to bind the collection of ingredients together..

Then mix all the ingredients together with a soup spoon, in a large bowl.. then serve it portionally over a hot plate till modesty with oil, when  the egg mixture is cook its ready to be consumed with your favourite sauces..

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STAR WARS | Your astrometric droid R2-D2 measuring cup set…?


Given that you love baking and spending time cooking.. Then this R2-D2 measuring cup set is very quiet decorative for you Kitchen, it features numerous measuring cups that assemble intelligently into our favorite Astrometric Droid…  In it the combination it has four cups, one quarter, one thirds, one halves, also one cup…  within the cute Astrometric  Droid, is the coupled with measuring spoons.. of ¼, ½, also one teaspoon…  the measuring cup set is about six and half inches tall.. Providing its food grade plastic however it’s not microwavable thou…!



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DOCTOR WHO | tardis and dalek – salt and pepper shaker..


Given that you have the Tardis Tea Pot and Cup in your collection, then this will be a must to add to. It’s a type forty Tardis and Dalek Salt and pepper shakers… Both features a in itself a sizeable size as both are least four inches tall, in that so it holds a good hold on least a month or few weeks on end on pepper or salt..  Both are quite durable itself ceramic, and features incredible detail, detailing to the phone box panel signage…  looking at both shakers they’re quite stable in which it’ll stay put on the table…


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WEARABLE DEVICES | google glass A Explorer story – Roy Choi

As in today of reality television  food shows remained to be the most widely watched, in has we watch and learn how these master chiefs cook their culinary delights… as I could see that it will in the presently soon that instead of a television network broadcasting out the programming, it would be the chiefs themselves  in using wearable devices using Google hangouts  such as the widely popular ChefHangouts, in giving personalised cooking lessons,  in also that you’ll learn from each other in increasing your skillset of cooking those wonderful delicious dishes..

Here we have Roy Choi, founder of Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, he’s well widely known internationally for this unique food truck movement, in this Roy is part of the Glass Explorer moment.. And demonstrating his culinary skills, and using the search, record and share for something delicious for St. Patrick’s Day on creating a collective fusion of food but keep it to the heart…


Like to know more about Glass explorer, also to Kogi food truck where about also to his socials, on Roy plus Kogi...?