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As in today of reality television  food shows remained to be the most widely watched, in has we watch and learn how these master chiefs cook their culinary delights… as I could see that it will in the presently soon that instead of a television network broadcasting out the programming, it would be the chiefs themselves  in using wearable devices using Google hangouts  such as the widely popular ChefHangouts, in giving personalised cooking lessons,  in also that you’ll learn from each other in increasing your skillset of cooking those wonderful delicious dishes..

Here we have Roy Choi, founder of Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, he’s well widely known internationally for this unique food truck movement, in this Roy is part of the Glass Explorer moment.. And demonstrating his culinary skills, and using the search, record and share for something delicious for St. Patrick’s Day on creating a collective fusion of food but keep it to the heart…


Like to know more about Glass explorer, also to Kogi food truck where about also to his socials, on Roy plus Kogi...?

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