STAR TREK | Uhura’s clutch… something usefully during your red shirt everyday adventures…?

Think Geek – Star Trek – Uhura’s clutch


During your everyday away missions… also that you’re in the start of shore leave then wondering what to pack in for your luggage, that holding your make up. And other dailies important essentials that includes your Phaser, and a very much slimmer Tricorder…. So you could adventure during shore leave…

The “Red shirt or Uhura’s Clutch”… is pretty beautifully striking with its Starfleet red, inspired out from “Star Trek the Original Series” red dress that the female officers wear in the departments of Tactical and Engineering… Also it makes a brilliant accessory to that red Starfleet mini dress also… With its size it’s enough to last onwards for a weekend excursion. Having at 91/4 inches wide, 6 inches tall, having its depth of 2 inches… giving you enough room for essentials till the weekend..

Orthough the clutch is Starfleet red…. It makes it easy to find also with its golden zip for extra security to hold things in… Also its Starfleet’s logo zip fob when it glitter reflectively at night… when you open up the clutch it has a warm golden inner star trek inspired lining makes it easy to find things in the dark when clubbing.. With a small make up mirror embedded onto the flap of the clutch making it easier applying makeup or at the same time looking whom’s right behind you… So you duck and Phaser…

STAR WARS | _something for your work or bedroom desk… Darth Vader and storm trooper Lamps…?

thinkgeek -star wars head lamps


Given that you have the” Doctor who time lord Psychic Container” on one work desk at home Doctor who theme, then your other room might be theme out in Star Wars…. Then this is for that dresser or that shelving space next to your favourite modify YT-1300 Corellian freighter…

To be lighted up by these very cute “Star Wars Lamps” … the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper, they come in two sizes, on large and small…. Each powered up with either three AAA –for the small or two AA batteries for Large…  lights up in with an internal LED’s  as Darth Vader’s internally red glowing from inside out, while the Stormtrooper Helmet glows out totally.. in which makes a great jack o’lantern for this coming Halloween..

GAME OF THRONES | something to keeping you warm for winter..?

Game of Thrones-house


It’s winter bounded over here soon, and it’s getting colder also, but not as cold as the North, at the Wall though in Castle Black.. But with excellent warm layered clothing and good warm socks and boots… It’ll keep you warm mostly throughout the days and nights…  as long you got a good warm wooden fire going…  there’s two things that’ll warm you neck, so you won’t get your neck cold, is the house scarves, in that nice warm soft yarn.. in which features houses of Stark or Targaryen.. Plus given its 62 inches length and fabric colour it’ll help to keep you warm…


game of throne-“winter is coming” beanie-

As you think that you’re at the Wall, keeping that head warm is black “winter is coming” beanie… Its colour black will absorb the heat from the sun in turn warming up you head…. Plus it encompasses your head keeping those ears of yours warm…  Both Scarves and beanie is machine washable…


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STAR WARS | Your astrometric droid R2-D2 measuring cup set…?


Given that you love baking and spending time cooking.. Then this R2-D2 measuring cup set is very quiet decorative for you Kitchen, it features numerous measuring cups that assemble intelligently into our favorite Astrometric Droid…  In it the combination it has four cups, one quarter, one thirds, one halves, also one cup…  within the cute Astrometric  Droid, is the coupled with measuring spoons.. of ¼, ½, also one teaspoon…  the measuring cup set is about six and half inches tall.. Providing its food grade plastic however it’s not microwavable thou…!



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STAR WARS | Light Saber Sunglasses- something for summer….?


Orthough is winter over here, but its summer over at the northern hemisphere, and what a way to celebrate by wearing these pretty cool trendy Wayfarer-style sunglasses, in different coloured frames of lollypop Lightsaber blade colours blue, red, and green..  The feel of the design is comfortable in sight that it’ll shade your view in perspective while you’re wearing during the sunny days..

There’s another addition it has dual LED lighting on both arms of the glasses, in that it can be worn during the night, the batteries are easily replaceable, also it can be switch off unless you don’t want to been seen during the alley ways of Coruscant… either doing Jedi or Sith business..

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