GAME OF THRONES | something to keeping you warm for winter..?

Game of Thrones-house


It’s winter bounded over here soon, and it’s getting colder also, but not as cold as the North, at the Wall though in Castle Black.. But with excellent warm layered clothing and good warm socks and boots… It’ll keep you warm mostly throughout the days and nights…  as long you got a good warm wooden fire going…  there’s two things that’ll warm you neck, so you won’t get your neck cold, is the house scarves, in that nice warm soft yarn.. in which features houses of Stark or Targaryen.. Plus given its 62 inches length and fabric colour it’ll help to keep you warm…


game of throne-“winter is coming” beanie-

As you think that you’re at the Wall, keeping that head warm is black “winter is coming” beanie… Its colour black will absorb the heat from the sun in turn warming up you head…. Plus it encompasses your head keeping those ears of yours warm…  Both Scarves and beanie is machine washable…


Like to know more where you could keeping yourself warm by wearing the Game of Thrones,  House Scarves.. Also the” winter is coming” beanie…from Thinkgeek…?



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