DOCTOR WHO | your Tardis and sonic screwdriver table lamp…?

DOCTOR WHO-TARDIS table Lamp – thinkgeek


Given that you have a moderate size large bedroom with a Queen size bed, with each sides of the bed with some beside table drawers on each side, then this is for you the Tardis and Sonic Screwdriver table lamp..  Featuring the eleventh doctor Tardis, and screwdriver…  The Tardis Lamp features 11th Doctor and Amy on the lamp shade… As the other is the Doctor centrically on the repairing something…  both lamps do feature with a theme, but the Tardis lamp shade does come with Sound effects powered independently…

Doctor who -sonic screwdriver table lamp-thinkgeek

Both lamps are in reasonable height, the Tardis is 18.5 inches, also the Sonic is 9.5 inches tall… so both lamps makes it also as both beautiful illuminated decorative art pieces also as main features in your room.. Also helps you get comfortably warm for winter as you rest in bed watching Doctor who Marathons..

Like to know more where you could get your Tardis and sonic screwdriver lamp shade from…?

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