STAR TREK ONLINE | season nine-a new accord… what’s installed for this season..?

Season nine is here, on 23 April 2014, it features the flowing up story lines from seasons eight and eight point five.. in which to investigate the Solanae Dyson sphere from episodes of “ stepping between stars” featuring Tim Russ reprising his role as Admiral Tuvok , in the mysterious gate that leads into the other Dyson Sphere..

In season nine we see the Undine taking the offensive in three fronts, the Federation, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire… The capture offensive of the front by Undine forces on the Solanae Dyson sphere an occupation holding that once was done by the Voths forces… in this to counter the new threat in the arena space and ground combat….

In this you counter Undine Infiltration in Bajorian society, also there’s a new episodes in which follows up from previous episodes, “the sphere of influence, A step Between stars” reprising his role as Admiral Tuvok in “Surface Tension” sending you investigatively the Delta Quadrant of the Undine threat..

Fighting back there’s new revisionment of your Kits skill sets, in which you could customised your abilities that you used in a combat zone.. In season nine you’ll see a new Earth Space Dock, with a more open space feel, like you’re at mall, with more commune going on with more sociable hangout spaces that could be utilities as you and your friends trail out on before forming a fleet together… hopefully they will work out a new format fleet interior on something like this on fleet bases..


Like to know more about “season nine – the new accord”….on Star Trek Online.. ?

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