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It’s been thirty years since the fall of the Emperor Palpatine, in that fall and demise of the Galactic Empire that Darth Sidious has created after events in resurrecting the Sith order.. in ensponging the Jedi Order on Coruscant also throughout various systems.. as that fall takes place in battlement on ground and space nearby the moon Endor…. Guessing that the Sith order are a timely clandestine sleeper group..

It wouldn’t take long for them to resurface, given they have resurface multiple times in the past in large numbers.. speculating, the next three trilogies of Star Wars from episode seven, is the continuing stories of the  Skywalker – Solo household,  as this time Princess Leia has already mastered the force taught by her brother Luke..  Guessing that it’s their story of the household children as they already grown up, taught in the nature of the force, their children is in their late twenties… and the Republic of new is still in the rebuilding stages..

During the rebuilding of the New Republic, I would presume so that it’s at some is at peace yet, I would presume that there’s a sleeper Shadow imperial force still in place in just in case, in some system informationaly lost, so that there might be a third Death Star in construction.. That there are still remnants of the Imperial Empire still in place and sympathisers… also it wouldn’t take that long to construct on during that duration of peace time..

As to some commercial sympathisers, thinking that one might be one on Kamino City, where the last time we visit was mass cloning Jango Fett, as they prepare for new Jedi replacements as sheriffs of the Empire in law and order..  in thinking, the cloning factories on Kamino, surely they could replicate a clone version of  Palpatine secretly , and his force could inheritly occupied his clone… also there’s something he said to Akin Skywalker- Darth Vader, that he could bring back the dead by using the force, in having perilous thoughts of his wife Padme.. The only thing that I could think of is the usage of a clone… And using that clone as host as in a transcendence nature…

As to when Star Wars episode seven comes out in the upcoming  following year. We’ll see what surprises are installed..?

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