FASHION | STAR WARS- BlackMilk clothing – may the fourth be with you limited edition..?

On May the fourth, you’re in for a treat for limited edition for BlackMilk Clothing, it the theme is centric around the star wars universe on Star Wars shooters basketball jerseys and what will happen if each team from different planets match up in a game; this will fashionable sporty look like this…

  • First- Mos Elsely centrically around villains with the number 7, hinting that there was seven booths, with the mascot of Greedo.
  • Second- Hoth, in Hoth colours with the Wampa’s, with the number 33.
  • Third- Sith, with the Death Star as the main logo for the team, with team player Vader with the number 23 as that age he was no longer Akin..
  • Fourth- Tatooine, with logo with the twin suns, with team player Skywalker, with the number five, as that was his call sign when he joined up as Red Five..
  • Fifth – trooper with number 66, and the storm trooper logo, as side with team player TK-421
  • The sixth, our favourite clone Mandalorian Hunter, Boba Fett, with the number one, as he is the first clone..

Like to know more about the Star Wars shooter jersey limited edition? It is only available until 9am (AEST) on Tuesday, May… but from Friday May the 2nd   9am (AEST) it will be on sale… on BlackMilk clothing…..

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