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Tardis lunch box- from Thinkgeek

If you wondering what to put your haft cut sandwiches, or fish fingers and bottled jar custard in with some nice strong tea, to set you adventuring throughout the day…? while you traveling adventuring with your working trendy blue, black or red briefcase satchel among with you collection of tools of sonic screwdrivers….  Well this very classic metal blue Tardis Lunch box should do the trick…  It holds enough room inside for your homemade sandwiches or Sushi and with the steel casing it protects your food without been mash up inside… therefore holding them implaced neatly…  given its size in which it’s 8 5/8 inches wide plus it 6 ¾ inches tall it’ll fit into any trendy Satchel when travelling…


Tardis travelling Mug- from Thinkgeek

also what makes a great companion is the trendy frosted Tardis Travelling Mug, in which provides  a good storage for your favourite beverage in which it holds a good 16 ounces of liquids..  Like for example good old fashion hot tea, also it’ll keep your warm drinks warm too…To keep you going throughout all day adventuring…


Like to know more about where you could get your Trendy blue Tardis Lunch Box plus its companion The Tardis Travelling Mug from Thinkgeek..?

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