STAR WARS | Light Saber Sunglasses- something for summer….?


Orthough is winter over here, but its summer over at the northern hemisphere, and what a way to celebrate by wearing these pretty cool trendy Wayfarer-style sunglasses, in different coloured frames of lollypop Lightsaber blade colours blue, red, and green..  The feel of the design is comfortable in sight that it’ll shade your view in perspective while you’re wearing during the sunny days..

There’s another addition it has dual LED lighting on both arms of the glasses, in that it can be worn during the night, the batteries are easily replaceable, also it can be switch off unless you don’t want to been seen during the alley ways of Coruscant… either doing Jedi or Sith business..

Like to know more where you could get your Star Wars wayfarer style sunglasses…?

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