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Looking out the April night sky in Auckland and having going through the changes of out of Daylight savings, means the night sky only gets very early dark…  In this I notice that the skies are getting colder, in that the starry light is a little sharper, than to the summery nights.  Noticing from the westward view the Orion constellation is settling down early now. Looking back only a couple of weeks ago the Planets Mars and even more later Saturn rising in the East.. Having Mars only blushing Reddish more… in as it rise from the horizon..  Saturn is still an amazing sight to been seen, with its slight angled rings…

As for the moon its duration phases are quite revealing in showing the depths of the craters by the casted shadows, in itself slowly revealing its grey-ish white Luna surface… showing its city large craters.. one nice thing is when you look at edge of the moon you could see the distinctive features of height of the Luna circumference crater heights…

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