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“We are fighting a war on multiple fronts..! We have to consider the Borg, the Undine, the Romulans, as well the Klingon’s….”

In this we see all the leading key events that is leading to the point where the Iconians and Undine is the now the main antagonists in the upcoming seasons, as the antagonists tries to manipulate the affairs of The United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire.

As the conclusion to from an episode where you and away team uncover a mysterious ambassador from where you left of from Vulcan to investigate the a incident with the Klingon in the P’Jem system, to much a surprise the Ambassador that you pick up happens to be an Undine in an episode in of Diplomatic Orders..

In events of season eight, and eight point five, we start to see the discovery of an Iconian Gateway leading to many other Gateways, leading to the investigation of Omega particles in which is used as fuel to jump into any systems, leading to other encounters with the Voths, and the two Dyson spheres of the Solanae and the Jenolan spheres…

… in your investigative from “sphere of influence” then “A Step between Stars “ have leaded to this climax prologue ..  On the 22nd April 2014 of season nine…


Like to know more of what’s upcoming on star trek online season nine..?


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