#AIRNEWZEALAND | #NZSUMMER – traditional Summery dishes – Mussel Fritter…

As Already New Zealand is currently in Summer, Already the Summery food Festivities continues with a Kiwi, New Zealand Classic dish, one classic is the Whitebait Fritters, the other Traditional classic is the Mussel Fritters in which you can find either Whitebait or Mussel Fritters in local Takeaways or on Fieldays in Hamilton with some good Kai- Food in Maori…

As “Air New Zealand” Demonstrates with Russell’s  The Fritter Shack how to cook and what you’ll need to cook the iconic fritters… in which is a New Zealand Staple food diet best serve with lots of sauce..

½ dozen eggs

500 grams diced chopped New Zealand Fritters..

One Finely Chopped Onion..

Chopped Parsley

Flour to bind the collection of ingredients together..

Then mix all the ingredients together with a soup spoon, in a large bowl.. then serve it portionally over a hot plate till modesty with oil, when  the egg mixture is cook its ready to be consumed with your favourite sauces..

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