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On Wednesday New York Time 15th May 2019, it’s the return launching of the SpaceX reusable Carrier Rocket the reliable tow truck the Falcon Nine Reusable in which had been used previously on 2018 September on the Telstar 18 Vantage mission, also the Iridium eight mission on 2019 January..

Launching SpaceX from afar from the NASA’s KSC launch complex, launching from Cape Canaveral Airforce Base SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 at launch window at 1000 Hours Hong Kong Time, or From 2230 Hours EDT- Eastern Daylight time …. In which returning the primary stage – the tow truck the Reusable Carrier Rocket the Falcon Nine Reusable returns to the Landing Drone ship “Of Course I love you” Landing at eight minutes and seventeen seconds after lift-off.


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The Starlink  Sixty  Clustering Satellites deployment set to be placed in at an attitude at 550 Kilometers above from one hour and two minutes after lift-off…  in which reaching towards the target attitude from 440 Kilometers above earth in which from there they will reach towards their 550 Kilometer under their own propulsion system..

“……In light of today’s tonight launch of the SpaceX Starlink mission it was postponed due towards the weather conditions did not meet the launch criteria check list due to the high velocity winds in the location of the launch complex in which it the next launch will be on the same time 2200 EDT window on 16th May 2019 New York TIme 17th May 2019 from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air force Base…..”


The Provisionments of Starlink sixty cluster satellites in a constellation network performs a low latency connection with a high velocity bandwidth broadband servicing in planetary coverage…. Each system features the hall marks of dragon heritage design with a weight of 227 Kilograms.. In which each of the cluster Starlink Satellite contains Hall Thrusters powered by Krypton. Integrated into that system is with a cluster of instruments of Startracker Navigation system, that allows Space X to position its satellites with a high degree of precision.. Also the satellites are capable of tracking on-orbit debris in making self-awareness to make its decision to move to avoid collisions.. Therefore allowing continuous communications and coverage..



As to the second launch was postponed due towards a software patch upgrade- update  that happen on that day, night in which occurred during the 17th of May 2019.. SpaceX tweet out.. “Standing down to update satellite software and triple-check everything again. Always want to do everything we can on the ground to maximize mission success, next launch opportunity in about a week.”  in which this time it’s the third time launch of that launch in which is launching on 23rd May 2019 from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40…. Launching time of 2230 Eastern Date Time, New York time.. or at 1000 Hours Hong Kong Time,…. 

#SpaceX #FalconHeavy | Featuring #Starman with #DavidBowie #LifeOnMars – Music Video mix- highlights

On a clear winters Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon at 1500 hours Eastern Time it was the launch of the Maiden flight of the Space XFalcon Heavy in which the payload of the maiden test flight wasn’t a paid client, the client was inhouse, as demonstration flight of checking what learning experiences, also what capabilities it can do beyond its design limit as they learn what is need for the next modifications….  As the Launch proceeding ten minutes in of the side Falcon Heavy side boosters landing successfully ten Kilometers from LC39A to Cape Canaveral Air force Station on landing Zone LZ one and two at the same rate.. Apart the Falcon Nine Core almost managed to meet its target on the but slipping on the side of  Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “ Off Course I Still Love You….”

As the launch of the Falcon Heavy launched successfully with any issues, in which conditions meet the launch Criteria as this launch is different than a Standard SpaceX Falcon nine reusable format.. in which the launch has taken back the SpaceX  team to relearn the Space Shuttle launch format as the Falcon Heavy’s launch format has many exactness of the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Launches procedures, in fact the Falcon Heavy is launch from two iconic giants the Lunar Apollo  also the Space Shuttle Program launching from the iconic NASA-KSC launch complex 39A in a twenty year lease as SpaceX will draw experiences to develop their own launch complex pad likeness to launch the Spaceliner-Interplanetary Rocket..

Among the Payload, It was for experimental fun with the Cherry red Tesla Roadster with Dragon nine’s EVA suit underneath is a mannequin naming Starman named after the late iconic late20th to 21st Century popular culture singer David Bowie in which featured inspired the BBC Television series Life on Mars with a time travelling back in time to 1970’s …..  Starman was put into an orbit around the Sun At max velocity Starman and the Roadster will travel 11 km/s  and travel 400 million km  from Earth… its intentions was toward Mars but it had a different road trip in mind adventuring drifting away from Earth..

#SpaceX # FalconHeavy | That Iconic #NASAKSC Launch Complex 39A those twenty seven Merlin Engines will fire up on a date with that is there life on Mars with Off Course I still Love you..


As on 6th February 2018  in New York time can be describe like the BBC life on Mars series with Sam Tyler- John Simms singing the iconic song “ Is the life on Mars”, providing it’s the initial maiden launch of the SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy  in which is currently undergoing systems checking to see if any modifications that need to be address towards the launch from the twenty year lease of the NASA-KSC’s iconic  Launch Complex 39A that launched the mighty Saturn Fives Rockets towards the lunar mission to the Moon Luna, also it launched the STS –Space Transportation System- The Space Shuttle Program in which provide a Work Truck for NASA’s space operations..  As the SpaceX Launch of the Falcon Heavy  is underway also the massive modifications to Launch Complex 39A as it transitions from the STS program towards Falcon Heavy also the BFR-interplanetary –Space-Airliner  Rocket that in due to replace the Falcon Heavy..

As the preparations for the Launch of the Falcon Heavy, the launch format is Retro, as In Retro going back to the launch format of the STS-Space Shuttle era… As the same design configuration is based off the Space Shuttle as it duplicates the same…. As formatted two Falcon nine reusable on either side. With one supporting core Falcon nine reusable together with a combine of twenty seven Merlin Engines, with a secondary rocket that deploys the payload to its destination target……. In which that destination is the Rusty red planet Mars in which is at a fifteen light minutes ago with its first Payload Elon Musk founder of SpaceX, also Tesla Motors is that seductive red roadster  sitting as the main payload core with the Dragon Nine first generation EVA white suit…  Posing position towards mars in which will take least six months..

As Mention, the Launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, is duplication of the Space Shuttle launch procedures with the two supporting mounting Falcon nine’s reusable landing on two landing zone one and two at adjacent  Landing Zone at Cape Canaveral Air force base , while the main core landing latterly on an off shore drone ship “ Off Course I still love you”……in which the following date proceeding with Mars..

#SpaceX #GOVSAT1 | Mission highlights- launching on a non-traditional accent From Space Launch Complex 40…..

On the 1st February 2018, it’s the second attempt to launching  SpaceX Falcon nine non reusable… in which on the 31ST January’s first launch was due to the second stage sensor issue in which that got replaced.. launching was from CapeCanaveral Air Force base SLC-40 Space launch Complex 40…. In which this is a non-traditional Space X launch in which the falcon nine first stage would not be landing on landing zone one in which is adjacently ten Kilometers away nor it’ll land on off shore drone ship.. Also after three minutes after the launch  that there are reports that the falcon nine first stage splashed down intact off shore in which citing its durability of a non-recovery at sea ..as you can see during the launch pad that the first stage wasn’t repainted means it was as a non recoverable even though it splashed landed intacted..

 Second Launch Attempt from SLC 40 from a twenty four hour launching reset cycle on a very clear wintery Florida afternoon on 1625 hours Eastern Standard Time, with a two hour window that closed on 1847 hours… reusing a previous first Stage Falcon Nine rocket that was previously used on NROL -76  that launched from NASA-KSC’s iconic Launch complex 39A that launched the mightily Saturn five also the Space Shuttle-STS-Space Transportation System…..

SpaceX Falcon nine non reusable launched on a second attempt on for GOVSAT-1

The payload in question is the GovSat1 manufactured by Orbital ATK , operated by SES a Leading satellite operator.. GOVSAT 1 in which services the provisionment of Government of Luxembourg in which is provisionments roles provides the security needs addressing governmental and institutional requirements… Of securing communications and data communications in tactical theaters operations for Maritime mission for Humanitarian assistances also provides for the mobility enablement of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance- ISR…  Its current Geo-Stationary orbit positioned at 21.5 Degrees with an operating distance of 36,000 Kilometers above the equator.. it broadcasting dedicated communications  coverage within Europe, Middle East, Africa also Atlantic and the Indian ocean..

#SPACEX #CRS11 | Commercial resupply servicing to Resupplying the International Space Station- Highlights…


On a gorgeous nearly east coast sunset afternoon on a Saturday   3rd June 2017,  it is the eleventh Commercial resupplying servicing mission  to the international Space Station… the Space X- CRS 11 launched without any issues on that day in which was a textbook launching from that NASA- Kennedy Space Center  Iconic launch Pad –LC- 39A ..  In which during the launch it’s the landing of the first stage of the Falcon nine reusable landing proceeding ten minutes into the launch in which will land about 15 kilometers from the launching site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Landing Zone one. with a textbook landing. ..

The CRS-11 is the one hundredth flights from the Iconic Launch Pad that serviced the Apollo Luna Mission also the STS- Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle missions in which makes the mission to the international space station a centennial celebration also it’s the first relights Dragon CRS Module as it was launched deployed the reused Dragon resupplying module is expected to arrive at the International Space Station of fifth of June at the Harmony Module…

As Dragon- CRS-11 docks  with the International Space Station, it supplying with 60,000 Pounds of supplies critical materials parts, in endeavoring with two hundred and fifty investigative experiments supplying expeditions 52 also 53 the reused CRS-11 Dragon Module was used previously in a CRS-4 mission  on September 2014…….