#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BRI  #May2023 |#西昌衛星發射中心 #XichangSatelliteLaunchCenter – Successfully launching the advance iconic #长征三号乙火箭, #ChangZheng3B #LongMarch3B #CarrierRocket deploying the #BeiDou3 Series world’s Number One advance #NavigationSatellite System 56th  #Satellite  ….

On the 17th May  2023  in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China At 1049 hours Hong Kong –Beijing Time China- People’s Republic of China launch the Chang Zheng – Long march 3B  Carrier Rocket launching from station form Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province…..Deploying Geo Stationary  the World’s Number one leading Beidou3 Series  56th Navigation Satellite  

The 56th Beidou navigation satellite was successfully sent into the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. This launch is the 473rd flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles. (China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology)​​​​

长征三号乙火箭, During the Launch of The Chang Zheng Long March 3b Carrier Rocket Yao 87 , one of its boosters has two “blue” Color bar bar”, indicating that a booster parachute test was carried out again, which effectively narrowed the range of the booster’s landing zone! This is the third time that the Chang Zheng Long March 3b Carrier Rocket booster has undergone parachute recovery technology verification…..

国家组织发布56th Beidou Navigation Satellite and the first Beidou-3 backup star, this is the 90th launch of the Chang Zheng Long March 3b Carrier Rocket rocket….! The Beidou-3 GEO-4 Satellite is the first backup satellite of my country’s Beidou-3 project. After entering orbit and completing the in-orbit test, it will be connected to the Beidou satellite navigation system. This launch is the first mission in three years after the high-density networking of the Beidou-3 project.

First Beidou-3 backup star GEO-4 star mission badge description:
“Containing red clover leaves, a city facing the wind and beauty.” In Xichang in May, the bougainvillea is in full bloom. Pianxiayun, leaning on or probing, is so beautiful. The outline of this badge adopts the shape of the city flower of Xichang – Bougainvillea. The flower language of bougainvillea is enthusiasm and perseverance, implying auspicious and festive blessings, and symbolizing a tenacious and progressive spirit.
A Long March 3B carrier rocket went straight into the sky, splitting the badge pattern in two. The collision between night and day is very visually impactful, and it also bears the hard work and hard work of the astronauts behind each launch mission day and night. The Big Dipper shining in the cosmic sky symbolizes the breakthrough progress of this launch of the Beidou navigation satellite. The starry sky is vast, and the exploration is endless. We astronauts will take a steadier and farther step in our pursuit of dreams and stars!

The precise single-point positioning service of the first Beidou-3 backup satellite has the super capability to support four navigation system services…..The launch of the 31st Beidou-3 navigation satellite (GEO-4 star) will further enhance the system services It is of great significance to promote the characteristic services of the Beidou system and support the large-scale application of the Beidou system. The satellite realizes the on-orbit hot backup of the existing geostationary satellites, which will enhance the availability and robustness of the system, increase the short message communication capacity of the existing area of ​​the system by one-third, and improve satellite-based enhancement and precise single-point positioning Service performance helps users achieve fast and high-precision positioning.

GEO satellites (geosynchronous orbit satellites) are stationed in space 36,000 kilometers above the earth. They are responsible for the important mission of providing enhanced services for the improvement of the technical indicators of the Beidou global navigation system. They are affectionately called “auspicious stars”. The fifty-six Beidou navigation satellites are the fourth “auspicious star” of the Beidou family.

Previously, the precise single-point positioning service in the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system also supported the “GPS + Beidou” dual navigation system. In order to support the leap from dual systems to four systems for precision single-point positioning services, the research and development team of Xi’an Branch of the Fifth Academy of Sciences greatly improved the navigation performance of the fourth “auspicious star”, and upgraded the satellite’s downlink navigation task processing unit. The upgraded precision single point positioning service can have the super ability to support four kinds of navigation system services.

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#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 #BeltAndRoadinitiative | launching of that iconic Reliable #LongMarch3B #CarrierRocket deploying #ChinaSat6C Advance #TelecommunicationSatellite ….

XinHunaNet credited image of the CNSA China National Space Administration Long March 3B CZ-3B/G2 Carrier Rocket launching from Xichang Satellite Launch Center…


On 10th March 2019, launching from the one of many CNSA China National Space Administration launch complexes centres, is one launched from past midnight at 0028 in the morning Beijing time from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province… launching from the Sichuan marking its three hundredth mission launch of the iconic Long March Carrier Rocket series in which manufactured fabricated by CAST –China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation …. Launching from a Long March 3B CZ-3B/G2…… 

Launching without any issues, meeting the Launching criteria, the payload that was launched a High velocity Broadcasting Telecommunications satellite powered with two solar arrays in which was built on a DFH-four bus chassis in which communicating with twenty five transponders in which place at GEO – Geostationary Orbit at 130 Degrees East  in providing a High quality Radio Television telecommunications in providing communications coverage range of China, Australia, New Zealand also the South Pacific Region..  The Communications Company is a China Satellite Communications Company LTD, known as China Satcom in which its parent company is CASC-China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation…

#Arianespace #Ariane5 | Flight #VA242 | #DSN-1 #Superbird8 in company with #HYLAS4 two payloads within one carrier rocket… !



On 5th April 2015, Thursday- Arianespace is launching from Kourou, French Guiana, and Guiana Space Center launching the Ariane Five Rocket… in which this is the third launch of the Ariane Five for this year currently in 2018 launch calendar….  Launching on the window of in between 1734 to 1824 hours local time launching into GTO- Geo Stationary Orbit… In which this flight VA242………

There are two payloads satellite launching from Kourou, within one Ariane Five ECA... in which the prime contractors are NEC Corporation, Orbital ATK… in which are built for the customer services for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation also Avanti Communications….

DSN-1 Superbird –Eight  is customised as design wise as a television broadcasting Telecommunications satellite for the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation for one of many Asia’s largest television satellite multiple channel pay television provider… in which currently operates seventeen satellites in its fleet  providing services to the Japanese population..  Position in located in 162 degrees East Longitude…Superbird Eight will succeed the Superbird B2 Satellite that was launch by the same launch provider Arianespace … NEC Corporation built on the DS2000 satellite platform …..  DSN-1 is also combined is a Defense  communication satellite for the provisionment for the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Defense to the upgrade operation of the X-Band Communication Function for DSN Corporation as subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT ..

HYLAS4 Satellite is a operated by Avanti Communications, as a Ka –Band Satellite providing broadcasting range across the European Africa also the Middle East…  HYLAS4 Satellite is a high quality speed high velocity broadband communication satellite, broadband provisions for Schools, government and mobile Network Operators within those regions…  in which its communications range is steerable providing services towards Europe, South America, the Caribbean also Middle East..

#SpaceX #GOVSAT1 | Mission highlights- launching on a non-traditional accent From Space Launch Complex 40…..

On the 1st February 2018, it’s the second attempt to launching  SpaceX Falcon nine non reusable… in which on the 31ST January’s first launch was due to the second stage sensor issue in which that got replaced.. launching was from CapeCanaveral Air Force base SLC-40 Space launch Complex 40…. In which this is a non-traditional Space X launch in which the falcon nine first stage would not be landing on landing zone one in which is adjacently ten Kilometers away nor it’ll land on off shore drone ship.. Also after three minutes after the launch  that there are reports that the falcon nine first stage splashed down intact off shore in which citing its durability of a non-recovery at sea ..as you can see during the launch pad that the first stage wasn’t repainted means it was as a non recoverable even though it splashed landed intacted..

 Second Launch Attempt from SLC 40 from a twenty four hour launching reset cycle on a very clear wintery Florida afternoon on 1625 hours Eastern Standard Time, with a two hour window that closed on 1847 hours… reusing a previous first Stage Falcon Nine rocket that was previously used on NROL -76  that launched from NASA-KSC’s iconic Launch complex 39A that launched the mightily Saturn five also the Space Shuttle-STS-Space Transportation System…..

SpaceX Falcon nine non reusable launched on a second attempt on for GOVSAT-1

The payload in question is the GovSat1 manufactured by Orbital ATK , operated by SES a Leading satellite operator.. GOVSAT 1 in which services the provisionment of Government of Luxembourg in which is provisionments roles provides the security needs addressing governmental and institutional requirements… Of securing communications and data communications in tactical theaters operations for Maritime mission for Humanitarian assistances also provides for the mobility enablement of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance- ISR…  Its current Geo-Stationary orbit positioned at 21.5 Degrees with an operating distance of 36,000 Kilometers above the equator.. it broadcasting dedicated communications  coverage within Europe, Middle East, Africa also Atlantic and the Indian ocean..

#Arianespace | Flight #VA239 – Intelsat 37e also BSAT -4a – one carrier rocket two payloads – behind the scenes highlights…….


Behind the scenes of the Launch of the Arianespace Flight V2A239, at the Arianespace- ESA- European Space Agency’s French Kourou, French Guiana launch complex  Ariane Five rocket engines on that moderate morning in which launching  two payloads with one Ariane Rocket with two SRB’s Solid Rocket Booster-  in which the two payloads launch from….. in which the two payloads launch from in which was launched 29th September 2017..

The dual Payload in question is Intelsat 37e also BSAT -4a, both high data Communications satellites in which Intelsat is operated by its Intelsat, in which built on a Boeing 702MP framework which Intelsat 37e has a operational life cycle of 16 years.. it provisions is to offer high data communications, applications also mobility’s  on a civilian and governmental level for Americas, Africa also Europe…

The second payload is BSAT-4a is a operated by SSL- Space System Loral with the collaboration contract with for the Japanese Operator B-SAT, its provision is dedicated as a Broadcasting satellite operator for Japan, in which is built for B-SAT- Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation for DTH- Direct To Home Television servicing for the Japan population..  The B-SAT 4a is Geo Stationary, in which have an operations life cycle of fifteen years longer depending the type of operations that’s its design for… in supplying 4K/8K Ultra Resolution television services…