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On sixth of August 2016, it’s the third flight for the VA249 Airbus Ariane Space Ariane five Carrier Rocket in marking the flight launching from the Spaceport French Guiana (Guiana Space Center) in which during this launch it’ll highlights its servicing abilities of innovative solutions for commercial or institutional needs..

Launching the two, twin payloads is the carrier rocket a modified Ariane Five ECA in which launching both into GEO- Geostationary Orbit of 250 Kilometers perigee attitude with a apogee attitude of 35,786 Kilometers with inclination of 4.5 degrees  . Into each of its own inclination orbit of the Intelsat 39, for the operator Intelsat; and the EDRS-C satellite, based on a public–private partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Airbus…….

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Intelsat 39, manufactured by Maxar in Palo Alto, California. Maxar

Intelsat 39, manufactured by Maxar in Palo Alto, California. Maxar , built on a Maxar 1300 chassis Operated by Intelsat, in which it’ll be the sixty first satellite launched, in which Intelsat 39 will be position at sixty two degrees East.. Intelsat 39, in which its constellation provisions is design as a Telecommunications platform satellite steerable communications dishes in giving maximum area broadband networking coverage  in providing video, also meeting the needs of governmental customers.. in meeting the needs of the African, Asian, European, Middle East also the Indian Ocean region also meeting other requirements for Aviation, Maritime, with the service is the Enhance Mobile connectively…..


EDRS-C –Satellite is the second payload, manufactured  based on a OHB satellite platform in which was provided by Avanti Communications, under refurbishments from ESA-European Space Agency in creating the second node network of the SpaceDataHighway network ….in which its provisions is  to provide the world first fibre optical network interlinking it’s communications with unique network of laser communications with provisions….. Communicating within its constellation of a distance of 45,000 Kilometers … This network will be position at a geo stationary orbit in connection with ground based stations transmission of data rate of 1.8 Gibit/s to provision real time data management for environmental, security monitoring, disaster crisis response….

Airbus EDRS C Satellite
EDRS-C –Satellite

Positioning at Geo Stationary Orbit at 31 degrees east, the EDRS-C in low earth orbit providing in connecting with low earth orbiting satellites, the SpaceDataHighway network will relay high secure way relaying high volumes of image data in real time rather than several hours..   The network is in collaboration with the partnership with ESA- European Space Agency, Airbus, Tesat –Spacecom, also in association with Avanti Communications…..

#Arianespace #Ariane5 | Flight #VA242 | #DSN-1 #Superbird8 in company with #HYLAS4 two payloads within one carrier rocket… !



On 5th April 2015, Thursday- Arianespace is launching from Kourou, French Guiana, and Guiana Space Center launching the Ariane Five Rocket… in which this is the third launch of the Ariane Five for this year currently in 2018 launch calendar….  Launching on the window of in between 1734 to 1824 hours local time launching into GTO- Geo Stationary Orbit… In which this flight VA242………

There are two payloads satellite launching from Kourou, within one Ariane Five ECA... in which the prime contractors are NEC Corporation, Orbital ATK… in which are built for the customer services for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation also Avanti Communications….

DSN-1 Superbird –Eight  is customised as design wise as a television broadcasting Telecommunications satellite for the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation for one of many Asia’s largest television satellite multiple channel pay television provider… in which currently operates seventeen satellites in its fleet  providing services to the Japanese population..  Position in located in 162 degrees East Longitude…Superbird Eight will succeed the Superbird B2 Satellite that was launch by the same launch provider Arianespace … NEC Corporation built on the DS2000 satellite platform …..  DSN-1 is also combined is a Defense  communication satellite for the provisionment for the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Defense to the upgrade operation of the X-Band Communication Function for DSN Corporation as subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT ..

HYLAS4 Satellite is a operated by Avanti Communications, as a Ka –Band Satellite providing broadcasting range across the European Africa also the Middle East…  HYLAS4 Satellite is a high quality speed high velocity broadband communication satellite, broadband provisions for Schools, government and mobile Network Operators within those regions…  in which its communications range is steerable providing services towards Europe, South America, the Caribbean also Middle East..