#SpaceX # FalconHeavy | That Iconic #NASAKSC Launch Complex 39A those twenty seven Merlin Engines will fire up on a date with that is there life on Mars with Off Course I still Love you..


As on 6th February 2018  in New York time can be describe like the BBC life on Mars series with Sam Tyler- John Simms singing the iconic song “ Is the life on Mars”, providing it’s the initial maiden launch of the SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy  in which is currently undergoing systems checking to see if any modifications that need to be address towards the launch from the twenty year lease of the NASA-KSC’s iconic  Launch Complex 39A that launched the mighty Saturn Fives Rockets towards the lunar mission to the Moon Luna, also it launched the STS –Space Transportation System- The Space Shuttle Program in which provide a Work Truck for NASA’s space operations..  As the SpaceX Launch of the Falcon Heavy  is underway also the massive modifications to Launch Complex 39A as it transitions from the STS program towards Falcon Heavy also the BFR-interplanetary –Space-Airliner  Rocket that in due to replace the Falcon Heavy..

As the preparations for the Launch of the Falcon Heavy, the launch format is Retro, as In Retro going back to the launch format of the STS-Space Shuttle era… As the same design configuration is based off the Space Shuttle as it duplicates the same…. As formatted two Falcon nine reusable on either side. With one supporting core Falcon nine reusable together with a combine of twenty seven Merlin Engines, with a secondary rocket that deploys the payload to its destination target……. In which that destination is the Rusty red planet Mars in which is at a fifteen light minutes ago with its first Payload Elon Musk founder of SpaceX, also Tesla Motors is that seductive red roadster  sitting as the main payload core with the Dragon Nine first generation EVA white suit…  Posing position towards mars in which will take least six months..

As Mention, the Launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, is duplication of the Space Shuttle launch procedures with the two supporting mounting Falcon nine’s reusable landing on two landing zone one and two at adjacent  Landing Zone at Cape Canaveral Air force base , while the main core landing latterly on an off shore drone ship “ Off Course I still love you”……in which the following date proceeding with Mars..

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