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Out of every scene of Jurassic World series is always, every case of being tailgated by Dinosaurs, especially a T-Rex in which a being chase in is always a Jeep, in which is the movie Franchise hero, also iconic vehicle of 4WD- SUV Vehicles to get around with, throughout each every episode, chapter… In this case the All New 2018 Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle of choice..  to get around the Jurassic World islands, also seen in Jurassic World- Fallen Kingdom in which is set to screen on 21st June 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Fallen Kingdom is in the conclusion from the failed Jurassic World park island Isla Nublar in which to return to it after four years until an impending volcanic destruction threatens the life in which still supports into extinction.. In which a group Dinosaur Protection Group is set to save the remaining Dinosaurs on the island in which there’s a twist in the balance between the Humanity and the Dinosaurs species on this planet…..

As Many Chase scenes go Doctor Ian Malcolm- Jeff Goldblum has been known to be chased and tailgated by a particular Dinosaur, that is the T-Rex in which throughout his adventuring with Dinosaur life… In this case the tables turn in which he Tailgated… In which both in turn becomes whom can out race each other.. As he begins to theories to Tailgate back in the Wrangler his vehicle of poison or choice as getting back all those moment he was tailgated….

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