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On a gorgeous nearly east coast sunset afternoon on a Saturday   3rd June 2017,  it is the eleventh Commercial resupplying servicing mission  to the international Space Station… the Space X- CRS 11 launched without any issues on that day in which was a textbook launching from that NASA- Kennedy Space Center  Iconic launch Pad –LC- 39A ..  In which during the launch it’s the landing of the first stage of the Falcon nine reusable landing proceeding ten minutes into the launch in which will land about 15 kilometers from the launching site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Landing Zone one. with a textbook landing. ..

The CRS-11 is the one hundredth flights from the Iconic Launch Pad that serviced the Apollo Luna Mission also the STS- Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle missions in which makes the mission to the international space station a centennial celebration also it’s the first relights Dragon CRS Module as it was launched deployed the reused Dragon resupplying module is expected to arrive at the International Space Station of fifth of June at the Harmony Module…

As Dragon- CRS-11 docks  with the International Space Station, it supplying with 60,000 Pounds of supplies critical materials parts, in endeavoring with two hundred and fifty investigative experiments supplying expeditions 52 also 53 the reused CRS-11 Dragon Module was used previously in a CRS-4 mission  on September 2014…….

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