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On 5th June 2017, it was World Environment Day, also one demonstration of embracing That day is When we think of car washing, we think of washing with ambulance of water with detergent foam, in doing at home or at a local petrol station car wash thinking that the same method applied with in cleaning Aircraft.. is one innovative way of how Emirates is cleaning their Aircraft fleet.. One demonstration is of how to Dry-clean an Airbus A380-800 in a Environmentally friendly manner in which takes a crew of fifteen in twelve hours to dry Wash A380-800 series…

One method used since 2016, cleaning 250 aircraft in its fleet, is using less in which the aircraft only apply various cleaning agents on every part of the Aircraft surface… Then wiping off the cleaning agents among with the associated company of dirt that accumulated on the aircraft…  in which the process saves cost in saving 11.7 million liters of water per year with dry wash in which the aircraft only needing least three dry washes per year in which the enhances the life cycle of the aircraft with longer lasting glossy shine with a more fuel Efficient economy also reduces maintenance time giving the other aircraft cycle in..

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