#Airbus #Arianespace | Flight #VS21 – launching the Iconic #Soyuz #Carrier Rocket deploying the #OneWebF6 #Satellite- #CommingSoon -The second launch for the year

On 26th February 2019, it’s the launch of the iconic Soyuz Carrier Rocket, launching from the ELS- Soyuz Launch Complex in Sinnamary, French Guiana… In which this launch is the second in the AirbusAriane Space- CneS’s 2019 launch calendar…. Also marks the 109th Constellation satellites orbited by Arianespace… Launching from the Soyuz Launch Complex at 0637 hours in the morning local time form Kourou French Guiana…

The OneWeb F6 is manufactured by in collaboration of OneWeb also Airbus Defense and Space in Airbus France, Toulouse’s Manufacturing factory….The OneWeb F6 telecommunications Satellite  is part taking in constellation of 650 to 900 satellite network, in which is to be delivering provisionments offering 3G, LTE, 5G also Wi-Fi coverage in a high velocity communications inwards towards Aviation, Marine, land in a LEO- Low Earth Orbit..  In which other collaborations APCO Technologies in this launch is the four Mass Flight Simulators that’s within payload..

#SPACEX #FalconNine |#Airbus #SES12 Mission launching from Space launch complex 40 in a non-traditionally way…


On fourth of June 2018 on an east coast New York Sunday it’s the launch of the Airbus Defense and Space SES-12  on a reused Space X Falcon Nine that from Cape Canaveral Air force Station  from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 Florida.. In which it will launch on a window during after midnight on 1229 hours Eastern Daylight time… in which the SES-12 Satellite will be deployed thirty two minutes after launch from Space Launch Complex 40 in a GTO –Geo Stationary transfer Orbit..

The Launch of the Space X Falcon Nine is a non-traditional launch due to that the Falcon nine core carrier stage won’t be landing on a drone ship it’ll won’t be recovering the core stage but it has been noted in the past Space X does marine landings to see how it experimentally performs in different various landing conditions to fine tune any missing parameters for any further modifications.. The Falcon Nine in question was previously used in OTV-5 Mission in which it was launched from the NASA-KSC iconic launch complex 39A that once launched the Mightily Saturn V carrier rocket towards the Luna Apollo missions also the STS-Space Transportation Systems – Space Shuttle program in which Space X has a twenty year lease on that launch complex to have it modified as testing platform for the Falcon Heavy also the Spaceliner-BFR-Rocket …..  To build other platforms of that type…..

The SES-12 Satellite is a high velocity data telecommunications Satellite that is manufactured by Airbus Defense and space… with an operational lifecycle that communication range of regions of from Europe, middle east towards Asia regions in which like the west of Japan, from Russia towards the Northern Southern sections of  Australian States also towards New Zealand..

The SES-12 replaces the aging NNS-6 Satellite in which the SES-12 will provide the provisionments of expansive capabilities of DTH- Direct to Home Broadcasting, VSAT Mobility also HTS-High Throughput Satellite high velocities Data Communications…..  Apart of the on-orbit manoeuvres it ulitizites electric propulsion for any orbital advantages adjustments to maximize communications range.

#ESA – EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY | # Arianespace #VA237 – ViaSat-2 and EUTELSAT 172B – two payloads within one Launch – Highlights of that spectacularly nighttime launch …

As on 1st June 2017, ESA- European Space Agency Arianespace has launched during a night time launch that spectacularly lit up the surround tropical forest of the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana in the hours of 2045 hours local time…… launching spectacularly from the launch pad is the Arianespace five Heavy Launcher rocket from Arianespace- CSG- Europe’s Spaceport in in Kourou, French Guiana……

On that local time night time Ariane Flight VA237 launch is launching two payloads within one launch… it common now to see multiple payloads within one launch as to cut cost, also that satellites technologies have improved over the decades making high quality satellites smaller and cost effective.. As in this launch of two payloads, ViaSat-2- ViaSat INC also EUTELSAT 172B- Eutelsat in which both manufactured In collaborations with  Boeing and Airbus Defense and Space made   internet – tel-communications satellites are placed in Geo stationary orbits..  In which ViaSat-2 provides the provisionment of high velocity data in between all Americas also Atlantic Ocean aswell providing internet – mobile – inflight communications to maritime, emergency operations…..   In which EUTELSAT 172B provides the provisionment towards the Asia-pacific region as well its orbiting positioning can be altered to mission requirement needs with the used of it innovative electric propulsion systems…..

#SPACEX #SES10 | #FALCONNINE – reusing a tradition after launching communications satellite –landing on a drone ship that always “Of Course I Still Love You”

On 30th March 2017, Space X just recently launched a Communications Satellite SES-10, an Airbus Defense and Space built on the design framework of the Eurostar 3000…. As it was launching on that New York time evening of 1827 EDT From that Iconic NASA-Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A that launch the Lunar Mission to the Moon, the Saturn V Rocket also modified into the STS- Space Transportation Systems- The Space Shuttle in which now it’s being tailored for a different dress style cut, that Dress Style cut is to Launch the SpaceX Falcon heavies, ultra Heavy, to the Interplanetary Transport System that will lead onwardly to the Planet Mars..

As part of the Design process, of reusability of various key booster rocket carrier launcher, in which SpaceX, Amazon-Blue Origin have successfully cat walked with wearing stilettos on landing a reusable carrier rocket booster on either on a static or dynamic landing platform, this case it’s a Dynamic Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” in which two minutes and forty one seconds after the seconds into the flight the first stage and secondary stages separates then one major momenta events of two is landing on an off shore Atlantic drone ship landing from six minutes and twenty seconds for an re-entry burn then landing of the Falcon Nine reusable at its final timing at eight minutes and thirty two seconds.. in which it’ll be received by retrieval team to collect, reprocess to be used for other launches, in which this one is reprocess transported back  for to be displayed as a museum artifact in Florida SpaceX branch…

#SPACEX #SES10 | #FalconNine – reusing a tradition in launching a communications satellite –live webcast with “Of Course I Still Love You”

least than twenty hours that Space X is launch from that historically Iconic launch pad Launch NASA KSC Complex 39A –LC39A that’s been used historically partaken in the launch of the Saturn V Apollo Lunar Program,  STS- Space Transportation Systems known as the Space Shuttle program.. now it’s been currently undergoing major modifications to launch the next generation of rocket vehicles that is Known as the Falcon Nine Heavy also it’s younger taller sister the Falcon X heavy, ultra Heavy to the Interplanetary Transportation systems  that will lead towards the planet Mars..

On the Launch Complex 39A, is the Falcon nine reusable, it’s recently launch was an reused expendable one due to the mission requirements parameters of the launch.. in this case Space X,  for the launch of SES-10 Communications Satellite  from NASA KSC which have a two and half window… launching in within least twenty hours, on 30th March 2017 with the window evening launch of 1827 Hours EDT or 2227 hours UTC… in which the SES-10 will be deployed after in thirty two minutes from the time of the launch..  however there’s a second window just in case sets on 1st April 2017- Saturday  at 1827 hours EDT – 2227 Hours UTC..

This launch is a milestone, due to the nature of the iconic launch complex LC-39A, in which a tradition once more is reacted in reusing a reusable Falcon nine rocket booster carrier… In which it’ll land on a drone ship named “Of Course I Still Love You” readily station off shore at the Atlantic Ocean…  given that you wanted to watch the live technical feed it’s located here..

The payload itself, SES-10, is a commercial communication satellite, in which its High quality communications provisions will service the Latin American region in collaborations with the Andean Community to use the Simon Bolivar 2 satellite network.. as it’s thirty two minutes into been deployed it’ll be position on an Geo-Stationary position at 67 Degrees west… the Manufacturer is Airbus Defense and Space  based on the Eurostar 3000 platform in which its solar power panels will provide the power the communications equipment also it’s Xeon ion electric hybrid  propulsion systems also acting as retro maneuverings controls….