#Airbus #Arianespace | #FlightST27 | Launching of the #Soyuz #CarrierRocket in launching the thirty four #OneWeb #CommunicationSatellite …. Launching from the # BaikonurCosmodrome…….

 On Sixth of December 2020 launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome Airbus Arianespace, it’s is the second mission for the year in which will perform the second launch for the OneWeb constellation, orbiting 34 satellites…….In which launching the Medium lift carrier rocket the iconic Soyuz, deploying in the establishments of the One Web  constellation’s deployment phase − for which Arianespace is to perform 19 more medium-lift Soyuz launches from three spaceports (Kourou, Baikonur and Vostochny) during 2020 and 2021, without mentioning the Ariane 62 maiden flight  The deployment of the One Web Satellite will be Deployed into LEO- Low Earth Orbit ……

One web satellite constellation Manufactured by Airbus Space and Defense..  provisionment is to provide an high velocity Internet Global Communications in which providing the next generation abilities of Seamless Connectivity on a global scale… on bring a high velocity, low latency services that provides towards a diverse range of users in which include aeronautics, maritime, backhaul services, community Wi-Fi, emergency response services and more. Central to its mission, OneWeb also will focus on connecting schools and bridging the digital divide for people everywhere.

Once deployed, the OneWeb constellation will enable user terminals capable of offering 3G, LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi coverage, providing high-speed access around the world − by air, sea and land….. OneWeb’s initial constellation is based on approximately 650 satellites as it grows to meet demand around the world. OneWeb will begin customer demos in 2020 and provide global, 24-hour coverage to customers in 2021…….  Another contractor is RUAG Space AB (Linköping, Sweden) is the prime contractor in charge of development and production of the dispenser system used on Flight ST27. It will carry the satellites during their flight to low Earth orbit and then release them into space…….

Images and Visual are from Airbus- Arianespace

#Airbus #Arianespace | Flight #VS21 – launching the Iconic #Soyuz #Carrier Rocket deploying the #OneWebF6 #Satellite- #CommingSoon -The second launch for the year

On 26th February 2019, it’s the launch of the iconic Soyuz Carrier Rocket, launching from the ELS- Soyuz Launch Complex in Sinnamary, French Guiana… In which this launch is the second in the AirbusAriane Space- CneS’s 2019 launch calendar…. Also marks the 109th Constellation satellites orbited by Arianespace… Launching from the Soyuz Launch Complex at 0637 hours in the morning local time form Kourou French Guiana…

The OneWeb F6 is manufactured by in collaboration of OneWeb also Airbus Defense and Space in Airbus France, Toulouse’s Manufacturing factory….The OneWeb F6 telecommunications Satellite  is part taking in constellation of 650 to 900 satellite network, in which is to be delivering provisionments offering 3G, LTE, 5G also Wi-Fi coverage in a high velocity communications inwards towards Aviation, Marine, land in a LEO- Low Earth Orbit..  In which other collaborations APCO Technologies in this launch is the four Mass Flight Simulators that’s within payload..

#Airbus #Arianespace #CNES | #VS20 Launching on iconic #Soyuz #CarrierRocket is the #CSO1 #EarthSciences Intelligence Observational Satellite… The Daughter of #HELIOS

On Tuesday, 18th December 2018, it’s the final Airbus- Arianespace launch for the Launching calendar from the ELS- Soyuz Launch Complex in Sinnamary French Guiana... In which lift off is expected schedule on 1637 hours French Guiana time…  in which this Soyuz launch marks the third launch carry out on the Airbus Arianespace  Soyuz Carrier Rocket..  Out from Airbus-Arianespace launched an impressive eleventh launch for the 2018 calendar..

CSO-1 is the Daughter of a previous constellation program, Helios.. in working connected together, in which CSO1 designed as an Earth Sciences Observational Satellite but with Defense and Security applications with the French CNES – Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) space agency and the DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) defense procurement agency on behalf of the French Ministry of Defense………….

CSO1 is the first optical Space Component- in which is a constellation program of three satellites CSO1, CSO2 and CSO3….  In which all three are place in SSO- Sun-synchronous- Polar Orbit at different altitudes. With the three in constellation networking they will each wise carrying out different mission roles of Observations …. In which CSO1 will be place in Sun Synchronous Orbit at define attitude of eight hundred Kilometers

The CSO Satellite Constellation network is regarding for Defense, Intelligence procurements with an Earth observational nature with CSO will address France and Europe’s operational needs for global intelligence and strategic surveillance, knowledge of the geographic environment and support for operational deployments…. Also meeting It will be used to acquire very-high-resolution images in the visible and infrared bandwidths, day or night and in fair weather, and using a variety of imaging modes to meet as many operational requirements as possible. .. of sharing that information with the European partners, with Germany and Belgium

CNES- DGA- Optical Space Component Satellite

 Flight VS20 will be performed from the Soyuz Launch Complex (ELS) in Sinnamary, French Guiana. Lift-off is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at exactly: 16:37:14

(December. 18th ) UNIVERSAL TIME (UTC) 01:37:14 P.M.

(December. 18th ) KOUROU, FRENCH GUIANA 05:37:14 P.M.

 (December. 18th ) PARIS, FRANCE 11:37:14 A.M.

 (December. 18th ) WASHINGTON, D.C.


#Arianespace #Airbus #ESA | #Soyuz flight #VS19 #EUMETSAT #NOAA #MetopC launching the Carrier Rocket series for the eighth time… for meteorological weather forecasting for #EarthSciences….

On 6th November 2018, it’s the launch of the AirbusArianespace-ESA- European Space Agency Soyuz carrier Rocket that’s deploying a weather satellite payload into space in which are weather – Meteorological observational satellite…. the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites EUMETSAT, MetopC in which launching from its CSG in French Guiana…. at 09:47:27 P.M. (NOV. 6) local time….

Deploying from an Airbus Arianespace VS19 Soyuz Carrier rocket it’ll deployed both in to Sun Synchronous orbit in one is MetopC in which this one is the last final satellite of its three sisters for the EPS- EUMETSAT Polar Systems.. In which Sun Synchronous orbit by mid-morning of in which will be place in Polar Orbit, in data meteorological observational data gathering for atmospheric composition, oceanic and terrain surfaces… In which has an operational life cycle of five years… In which the MetopC Satellite will be place in at an attitude of 811 Kilometers with an Inclination of 98.37 Degrees…….

The collaboration, is manufactured by Airbus’s Airbus Space and Defense department, in which with EUMETSAT Polar System, also United States NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with sate of art meteorological nine clustered science installations in which help to forecast weather systems in within from twelve hours also a ten day period also the EUMESAT Polar System with the additional sister will reduce the number of forecasting errors.. As it provides to another next generation of meteorological satellites constellation system with four upcoming satellites…