#Arianespace #Airbus #ESA | #Soyuz flight #VS19 #EUMETSAT #NOAA #MetopC launching the Carrier Rocket series for the eighth time… for meteorological weather forecasting for #EarthSciences….

On 6th November 2018, it’s the launch of the AirbusArianespace-ESA- European Space Agency Soyuz carrier Rocket that’s deploying a weather satellite payload into space in which are weather – Meteorological observational satellite…. the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites EUMETSAT, MetopC in which launching from its CSG in French Guiana…. at 09:47:27 P.M. (NOV. 6) local time….

Deploying from an Airbus Arianespace VS19 Soyuz Carrier rocket it’ll deployed both in to Sun Synchronous orbit in one is MetopC in which this one is the last final satellite of its three sisters for the EPS- EUMETSAT Polar Systems.. In which Sun Synchronous orbit by mid-morning of in which will be place in Polar Orbit, in data meteorological observational data gathering for atmospheric composition, oceanic and terrain surfaces… In which has an operational life cycle of five years… In which the MetopC Satellite will be place in at an attitude of 811 Kilometers with an Inclination of 98.37 Degrees…….

The collaboration, is manufactured by Airbus’s Airbus Space and Defense department, in which with EUMETSAT Polar System, also United States NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with sate of art meteorological nine clustered science installations in which help to forecast weather systems in within from twelve hours also a ten day period also the EUMESAT Polar System with the additional sister will reduce the number of forecasting errors.. As it provides to another next generation of meteorological satellites constellation system with four upcoming satellites…