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As on 1st June 2017, ESA- European Space Agency Arianespace has launched during a night time launch that spectacularly lit up the surround tropical forest of the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana in the hours of 2045 hours local time…… launching spectacularly from the launch pad is the Arianespace five Heavy Launcher rocket from Arianespace- CSG- Europe’s Spaceport in in Kourou, French Guiana……

On that local time night time Ariane Flight VA237 launch is launching two payloads within one launch… it common now to see multiple payloads within one launch as to cut cost, also that satellites technologies have improved over the decades making high quality satellites smaller and cost effective.. As in this launch of two payloads, ViaSat-2- ViaSat INC also EUTELSAT 172B- Eutelsat in which both manufactured In collaborations with  Boeing and Airbus Defense and Space made   internet – tel-communications satellites are placed in Geo stationary orbits..  In which ViaSat-2 provides the provisionment of high velocity data in between all Americas also Atlantic Ocean aswell providing internet – mobile – inflight communications to maritime, emergency operations…..   In which EUTELSAT 172B provides the provisionment towards the Asia-pacific region as well its orbiting positioning can be altered to mission requirement needs with the used of it innovative electric propulsion systems…..

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