#ULA – UNITED LANUCH ALLIANCE #ATLASV | #OA7 an Orbital- ATK #Cygnus – Resupplying for NASA’s international space Station – mission profile flight for a launch 360 degrees viewing ..

“….. Go Atlas V… Go Centaur….. Go Cygnus-OA7…..”

On 18th March 2017, “ULA- Untied Launch Alliance” is bound to launch the next resupplying mission to the “NASA- International Space Station”. The upcoming launch, is launching an resupply Spacecraft… it’s is the seventh Cygnus to resupply, in which previous resupplies were commission in between primary the STS-Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle.. Then onwards, the Soyuz-progress, with the new tendership such as SpaceX- Dragon cargo reusable….

The Launch is set to be launch on the east coast, from SLC – Space Launch Complex 41 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.. Current the time specifically for the timing for the launch only is set for a thirty minute window in which that launch window is begin at 1000 Hours EDT Morning time it’s date the live stream broadcast will begin for the very first time a 360 degree viewing platform to give the view more immersive in viewing in which that broadcast will start streaming at 1101 Hours EDT Morning time..

Currently it’s the Carrier Rocket is ULA- United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401 configuration rocket, primary with the Atlas V first stage, with a centaur secondary stage in which prior issues of to launch was repaired to the a hydraulic item in relating to the ground support installation…..

The Payload itself, Cygnus OA-7, carries within, is also a part of program. Within the payload is a 3.3 tonnes of supplies also various sorts of research equipment’s, also piggy backing this launch is a the 83 Kilograms of secondary payload in which is CubeSats- a mini version U-Class Spacecraft Satellite in which its construction is based on commercial of the shelf components in which they will be deployed from its mini launcher…..  Part of the Orbital-ATK payload module it also carries the Sapphire three combustion experiment to study flame dynamics in space, also re-entry dynamics studied from the various CubeSats onboard as they are Launched out..

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