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On the following Day of 30th April 2017, From the Iconic Launch Complex 39A is the launch of…..  From there the historical pad Launch Complex 39A has been undergoing many changes toward commercialization… in which leased to Space X, in which is standing by in least than half a day to launch from that iconic pad is the NROL-79 Satellite- in which the NROL is a designation of National Reconnaissance Office.. In which the first window of the launch in which was in 30th has been delayed due to the upper sensor failure… In which during the second window launch of the before the launch the sensor in question was replaced.. Due the nature of the launch the landing was only seen but not the faring of the secondary stage with the payload…

The launch from the Launch complex 39A of the of the Falcon nine reusable is an two hour window in which opens on a Florida Sunday 30th April 2017, on a following  morning launch 0700 EDT or 1100 Hours UTC, in with an backup launch window on the following day.. In which it follows the on the same timing as its initial launch window timing…

This launch is an traditional launch as the Falcon nine booster in question is a reusable, in which it’ll land Space X’s landing zone one –LZ-01 at Cape Canaveral Air force Station as it starts to land after launch into eight minutes and forty six seconds on Landing complex..


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