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As “Star Wars- the force awakens” opens to theaters on 18th December 2015 as the preparations of the seventh episode of 29 years ago carrying on from Return of the Jedi as the rebels meet there almost last incursion of Imperial forces of a planet Jakku as it looks like a planetary junk yard even larger than Watto Junks shop back on Tatooine..

In this is addition of Bad Robot production app “Action Movie FX” in which you could create an augmented reality small little movie action scenes placing in various locations that you wish, as selecting the scene within the app and placing it in a desire location and start a five second recording at the most, then it gets exported to your camera roll or shared among with your socials..

The additions of the scene, are with the new droid on the neighborhood BB-8,  that tries to be adorable next to R2-D2, or Chopper from Star wars rebels.. also there’s other iconic scenes with the Millennium Falcon battling it out with the first order, also there’s that Hoth scene with the AT-AT Walkers also Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker doing the Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes back scenes….

The additional scenes are scenes that you pay for on you iTunes account to unlock them also the unlocked  purchases goes into 100% into a charity UNICEF fund . So have fun in creating mini five seconds movies…..!!

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