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As “Star Wars Battlefront” draws near on 17th November 2015, exploring the many star wars conflicted worlds where from the Tatooine, Moon Endor to the conclusion of the Planet Jakku where we explore what happen all those 29 years ago in which lead to the build-up of what’s to come on 18 December 2015 when on the big screen” The force awakens”.. .. You are fighting as in between as the Rebel alliance- Resistance or the Imperial- First Order… Taking sides in a massive co-operative or a Multiplayer fighting to regain control of the battleground.. With various vechicles at your earned assessment of the battle…

Produced by Dice Lucuasfilm with EA with the frostbite gaming engine.. Featuring Actress Anna Kendrick in the trailer as many of the population started moving into that Obi One Kenobi force moment  in the New Hope as many disappeared  into the battlefront like how in the web series of AFK… playing the Princess Leia role.. like how in the full game that you get to customized fully what you character, species, what would look like in as a girl or a guy..

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