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On Thursday 16th March 2017  Thursday New York early Morning time, least seven hours.  “SpaceX”  will attempt to second time launch EchoStar twenty three a communications Satellite from that iconic launch pad – Launch Complex 39A that launched the Saturn V-Apollo programme also the recent of its launch programme is the STS-Space Transportation Systems – Space Shuttle.. in which currently the Launch Complex 39A at NASA – Kennedy Space Center, still have the equipment currently still to launch the STS –Space Shuttle but currently undergoing serve modifications to accommodate the new SpaceX heavy and ultra-heavy falcons reusable rocket… this launch however will not attempt to land the Falcon Nine as traditionally due to the nature of the mission of the payload requirements.. As the first attempted launch was on the 14th March 2017, the launch was delayed due to weathering considerations that weren’t unfavorable for the required launch criteria, in which extremely high wind was not on that agenda of the criteria as of that there weren’t any technical issues prior they’ve been iron out in the statics test firing that occurred days prior.. .

 The Launch of the” EchoStar twenty three” a communications Satellite manufactured by Space systems- Loral is designated to as broadcasting service provider satellite placed in high altitude to provide broadcasting services to Brazil in Geo-stationary orbit….    The launch from that Iconic Launch Complex 39A… from the historic pad, its launch window is at 0135 hours morning Eastern Daylight Time- 0534 morning UTC… as the launch process commerce’s into the flight it will deploy 34 minutes after the lift off………

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