#AIRBUS |Space and Defense- The #SpaceTug – revolution the space industry extending life..


In development of launching spacecraft, or satellites in which most do come with an operational life cycle in which till the next generation series that replaces its core operation, in which replacing the current satellites that nearing its life cycle can be costly to its operators..   in results there’s one interesting case that could be learnt during the STS –Space Transportation Systems, the Space Shuttle mission where that lessons learnt in repairing the HST- Hubble Space Telescope, also to with along with other satellites- ISS- International Space Station repairs during that STS mission era..

That lesson learnt is extending the satellites operations life cycle, before it reaching its maximum expiring operations cycle…. One Airbus Space and Defense have in mind is The Space Tug, in which designing to operations a multipurpose –application robotic satellite that does numerous tasks in helping other satellites for repositioning, refueling them aswell also exchanging other payloads as technologies progresses also it introduces reusability in space with the aid of solar electric propulsion in which enhances its services also as it rendezvous with its Patient with the aid of vision based navigation also rendezvous with others  in and proximity operations even for satellites that are not design for rendezvous…

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