DOCTOR WHO | DW world tour 2014 – New York Highlights Whovians Explained…?


DOCTOR WHO -world tour- New York

As the “Doctor who world tour” continues towards finalized on Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil on 18 August 2014…. There’re some interesting highlights along the way… behind the scenes on Fans whom Cosplay in various genres of elements of “Doctor Who”… in this various fans whom waited outside as shown here in  “New York” Question and Answers Meet and greet. With the Touring Team Doctor Who of Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman also with Steven Moffatt and crew presumably with Handles in fully bodied … during that tour on 14 August 2014… various assortment of Fans were too asked to explain the different elements of story telling’s of Doctor who.. Whom waited patience in line in front of New York “Ziegfeld Theater”… For the premiere screening of the first episode of season eight “Deep Breath” …. In which is expected to screen on the 23rd of August 2014… for the of The New Doctor Lands…

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