DOCTOR WHO | DW world tour- the Mexican wave highlights…?

As the “Doctor who –world tour” ends in on Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil on 18 August 2014….in before that finalized tour stop… on 17th August 2014. On their world tour also the premiering of the first episode of season eight “Deep Breath” was screen in Teatro Metropolitan theater… in before of the Question and Answer section… among that question and answers there was some interesting cosplays… Also questionings and answering’s was asked form Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman… And Steven Moffatt as they exited out from the Tardis door…

The interesting questions were posed as… Closing the regenerative cycle of The Doctor…  Like how Billy Piper Doctor from the ninth to the Tenth Doctor… also casting the New twelfth Doctor… also given that Clara has hard time experienced in between the changes of Doctor…. The questions given that Peter’s Doctor is much more of Darker of self… also the escapism of the stories that Doctor Who provides…  “Doctor who” season eight… First episode “Deep Breath” is screen on the 23rd August 2014… where you could see Dinosaurs walking next to Big Ben London…  with Team Strax..


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