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As you might have seen the twenty one minutes film on the documentation film of “Star Trek Axanar” as it recalls the battle of Axanar… That crucial moment in time in a four year war that determines the battlement conflict outcome in between the United Federation of Planets… And the Klingon Empire as it tries to gain enriches Dilithuim planetary systems sectors to expand the Empire…

During that time of the “Four Year war”…. New Tactics in Starship Engineering between both sides was developed… plus new classes of Starships… to counter the Klingon offensives. As there’s on ship class among many… one is the Ares Class… commission named… USS Ares NCC-1650… the first Starfleet warship… As Starships develop goes…. So does the organisation of layout of the Bridge of the ship‘s layouts… as you seen many bridge station evolutions.. Throughout the Star Trek design lineage… in this one of the Ares Class Bridge is beautifully layout design by concept artist Eric Henry…  it has the Resonances akiness to the Admirals Archers “NX-01 Enterprise” bridge… but more contemporary simpler… also least cluttered… with the Captain’s chair ergonomically watching every reading for every station to the main view screen to the master display.. As it taking notes form on interesting from one book of “Star Trek-Starfleet Technical Manual” in which one section of that text illustrates the standards of bridge stations layouts…  also it reminds you of a future design of what the Constitution class may evolved into… as the Constitution Class were built at Axanar…

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