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at the Solanae Dyson sphere with some Voths action going around.

In the conclusion of season nine point five… in leading up to season ten we’ve met in previous episodes of the Undine also the Iconians incursion… Mission with Ambassador Worf to open the Iconian gateway…  also Admiral Turvok to discover a new Dyson Sphere in where finding another one from the Jenolan Sphere…  as time progresses surface and territorial tensions on multiples fronts that’s leading up to the Delta Quadrant to season ten “Delta Rising” in from the season nine of “ A New Accord” .. In where the Solanae Dyson sphere is located in the Delta Quadrant… where the Undine wish to seek to occupy the sphere knowingly  to gain territorial advances to the remaining four Quadrants of where the Federation, Klingons and the Romulans..

In the upcoming season ahead… it’s a reflection of Voyagers Journey into and out from the Delta Quadrant… also it’s been 32 years from where the crew of Voyager came back to the Alpha Quadrant…  also things have change… Since they left… Alliances fell and grew… Also empires along the way… also the storylines of the cooperative where the liberation of the Borg… Also the Borg is having their own problems have been taxing to a degrees where there resourcing are low…  also in the season storyline it’s about revisiting the Kazons, Talaxinas, Ocampa’s with the Hirogen and the Benthan guards are left to marshal the Quadrant.. as the three alliances The Federation, Klingons, and the Romulans.. Wanting to know more why there’s been a onsluaghting attack in that region of a mysterious fleet.. .then Admiral Turvok is seen out to investigate in a retrofitted Voyager…

Star Trek online- USS Voyager – returning to the Delta Quadrant to investigate

During Season ten… during the expansion is one of raising the level capacity from level 50 to 60… with mind there’s a new tiers level six of classes of Starships coming along the way either obtained from lieutenant Laurel … given from having upping your rank from Admiral that’s level 50 to Fleet Admiral level 60… or from Klingon wise from General to Dahar Master…

New levels as follow from level fifty to level sixty..

  • Level 51– Gain a small pack of Duty Officers
  • Level 52– Upgrade your Fleet Support ability from rank II to rank III
  • Level 54– Upgrade your captain class ability Strike Team, Engineering Proficiency, or Scientific Aptitude from rank II to rank III
  • Level 55– Gain a Bridge Officer Candidate
  • Level 57– Upgrade your captain class ability Tactical Fleet, Engineering Fleet, or Science Fleet from rank II to rank III
  • Level 60– Gain an additional Captain Trait slot


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