STAR TREK | like to ice the Borg… for your refreshing summery drinks…?

Star Trek Borg cube ice tray..

Given that you have a “Star Wars Death Star” ice mold and reminiscing to the destruction of the Death Star and it’s nearly summery over here … then you might love this it’s a “Star Trek… TNG Borg Cube silicone Tray”… in which one or two cubes could cool off one refreshing cup of your favorite poison…  in which of its size of begin of 1.5 inches cubed.. The Borg Cube mold itself is highly very detail to the very nearest hulling.. Once placed and removed out from the freezer.. .  it comes in a easy washable container also.. it great for placing and making it with jellies, chocolate… also once it icing cooling your drink you can reminiscing the time you and your crew defeating the Borg..  in which is due to be release in the March 2015 year..

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