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Its 2410… Also it’s been 32 years since the crew of the USS Voyager came back from the Delta Quadrant… Things have changed during their absences in finally getting back home… also with Starfleet aswell too… and things over duration of thirty two years in that part of the Galaxy haven’t been looking to well where old allies. Enemies fall.. And rises… and a call for help is called and Admiral Turvok is been sent to investigate the situation where there’s a new fleet or faction is incursions on multiple fronts causing various havoc around the Quadrant…  also the  Borg is having trouble to hold themselves due to the lack of resources. Also the liberalizations of its drone seeking its own self independence in that movement is seeming so resistances to the collective as it is…

Star trek online -tier six Starfleet Battle crusier

Also as when “season ten –Delta Rising” approaches during in the October 2014… akiness to the same month of” Taylor Swift’s 1989 album release date” there’s something interesting in when that season rises is the Tier six class ships with new pools of bridge officers abilities.. In Tactical, Science, and Engineering… Also with specialist seating with newly acquired Starship Mastery, Traits, and New mechanics… with the introduction of Battle cruisers… within each faction of the Federation, Klingon and the Romulan… in once the captain has full complete the leveling up from fifty to sixty..

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