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On after the “Doctor Who World Tour” of which taken twelve days… Spanning across the globe… then onwards to the launch of season eight of the series in London where the first episodes takes place with a Temporal stowaway that Swallow up the TARDIS that there was some misunderstanding between the Doctor and the giant T-Rex..  As the preparations when under way… on which that location of that giant T-Rex stopping around with confused on the grounds of Parliament where it mysteriously got spontaneously combustion as it was seen miles around town in which gave the games a foot with the Doctor taking up the case Sherlockingly  … On that first of episode of season eight “Deep Breath” as that sequel from the “Girl in the Fire place” as the team” Doctor Who” assembles a work in art in progress during the early hours in the morning then onwards towards night of 22nd of August 2014 with a massive cratered Tardis crash  as they prepare for the promotional production with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. for the first episode…

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