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think geek- doctor who – Dalek night light

Orthough you think you have monsters under your bed… Orthough that’s just Clara giving Moral inspirational support to the young Doctor in that Barn in the episode Listen… And that Barn seen in the “Day of the Doctor” … well you Might love this “Dalek Night Light” it plugs into your wall electrical outlet… on a 110V at using a seven Watt bulb-Maximum…. So it serves up as a very low wall lighting… in which makes keeping Weeping angels at bay, also it giving comfort in during sleeping with young ones whom are scared of the dark and trying to find there around when they decidedly leaving the comforts of the bed in the middle of the night to the kitchen to get some night snacks..  it has an off on switch.. And of reasonable size of six inches high which gives you that warm nice glowing the room….

This “Doctor Who”   White Dalek night light…. Is the next best thing of having an Astrometric Droid R2D2 unit in your bedroom, like Rusty the Rebel Dalek…?

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