STAR TREK ONLINE | new upcoming tier six sciences experimental Starship – Dauntless Class…?

tier six sciences experimental Starship- Dauntless Classs- image source- Nell 3D

In besides of the INTEL or Intelligence tier Six Starship coming along the way in with all the Factions of the Federation, Klingons, and the Romulans… that’s been announce during the duration of three weeks of this month on “Star Trek Online”…. Is a new tier six Starship… it’s the “Dauntless… coming soon for season ten in the month of October… as addition to the operations pack in for “Delta Rising”

The Dauntless… Is a given tier six ship once you’ve captain you level to sixty.. Also its science vessel also appropriately least length as the Intrepid class… During USS Voyagers time in the Delta Quadrant year 2374, the crew met the vessel Dauntless on the notation that It gave them Slipstream. Drive, that it gave the abilities to travel faster than Warp to get to home in the Alpha Quadrant quick…  on the that story little that they discover it’s true intentions it was a trap.. to be assimilated into the collective of the Borg.. Set by Aturis… (Hope and Fear) That he believe without Species 8472- the Undine, that there won’t be any other large scale defensive measures against the Borg..  the later weeks ahead the crew of USS Voyager started to manufacture its own Slipstream Drive until it provide to premature to test as seen in the “Timeless” episode..

At the moment there’s little information about the specifications of the Dauntless class but, presumably it’s a lot more battle science harden as the Vesta Class…  but when the time come should be interesting how it holds with the Intel Science vessel.. Also wondering it’s customization as well with the physical looks. .?

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