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Over the last few weeks there’s been some interesting footage that’s been released, not by the studios whom in production of the making the 30 years after “Star Wars Return of the Jedi” but the seventh of a filming location in England where it takes place near “Pinewood Studios” in Buckinghamshire… but there’s an interesting behind the scenes where this footage takes you looking from the right side of the Millennium Falcon done by “Bad Robot Productions”.. the tour outside takes you looking through that side  at some interesting power, units, piping conduits then we make way down below  to the forward Mandibles to the below Equipment Accesses bay.. There we see in disguise as the theme score changes to the Batman with the Batmoblie.. Seen in the recent movie…also Star wars Episode seven – Untitled yet is  expected to be release screening on eighteenth December 2015…

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