STAR WARS | Rebels- Welcome to Buffy as the seventh sister unmasked….


As “Star Wars-Rebels” conclude from the point where the rebels met Darth Vader on Lothal,  Ezra Bridger’s home planet in which he’s in search of his parents after their home was raided by the Imperial Stormtroopers… as the Rebels from the Ghost, they’re met whom is Falcon is, Anakin Skywalker’s – Darth Vader’s Apprentice Ahsoka Tano.. Who is one of the leads of the Rebellion group…  In this we met the Seventh sister of the inquisitors whom is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar- Buffy the Vampire Slayer.. Jedi Hunting around the Galaxy then finding Team Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze) either trying to force them to the dark side of an exterminating way…  in this Sarah voice worked into the scenes even before she met her character in which they took her mannerism then integrated into Character in wielding that dangerous assassin look with a Ruby blade Lightsaber.….   it should be interesting to see how her Seventh sister grows, and Knowing that Ahsoka have a serious competition besides Darth Vader.. The Conclusion of Season two screens on 14th October 2015… !

STAR WARS | rebels- having a short Art Attack…?

““Forget the explosion  … Look at the colour… “

In “Star Wars-Rebels” short Art Attack- Team Ghost is taunting the fellow Stormtroopers on ground in the Tie-fighter docking bay….  in this Sabine creates a diversion in this in demonstrating art in spray painting a rebel symbol on one of the tie fighter wing.. In a Banksy type of way…  she gets caught and questioned in what she doing… she eludes them by taunting them in everything… by question there shooting and d “… Always by the book.. It’s a short one….’ then she arrives at the same position where they first found her.. Looking at her Banksy creation thinking there’s something missing and perfected it by placing a device and disappears.. Till the team of Stormtroopers… Tries to Sherlock device but too late from the distance. As Sabine examines her creative art work… “Forget the explosion  … Look at the colour… “As more Team Ghost adventures will be premiering foretold one hourly on the “Disney XD” channels on October 2014….

STAR WARS | REBELS- official -extended preview…?

On October 2014 a new team is formed on an excursion on Lothal, as the crew of the Ghost are in position to heist some interesting cargo… with using some tricks up their sleeves using creating a diversion.. In a world where strict cargo are to be examine with restriction.. in this a young teen boy, Ezra notices the prize in waiting but, also his not quite sure about his instinct telling him that he notice a guy whom is Jarrus a surviving  Jedi renegade..  Surviving of what left of his order in which the chronological of the premise at in between episode three and four…  as The Sith has taken over… Jarrus sense the young boy Ezra… as both had in mind of obtaining the cargo through tricky means..  Both sides obtain in procurement as they race out from Lothal… with their loot… From the imperial stormtroopers…  Seemingly that Jarrus and Ezra share the same common trait…

“Star wars Rebels” will be screen one hourly on the Disney Channel on the Disney XD channel globally..

STAR WARS | REBELS- extended trailer…..?


“This is master Obi Wan Kenobi; I regret that my report that the Jedi order and republic have fallen… our future is uncertain. But in time a new hope will emerge… “ – Obi Wan Kenobi

This is the latest installment of” Star Wars”, as the Jedi Order has been nearly exterminated, as the Galactic Empire also the Sith takes hold of the all the systems in the Galaxy has this takes place after “ The Return of the Sith”  where the remain Jedi’s are ordered into self-exile… In Rebels it’s about a group of rebels whom happen to encounter a young fourteen year old Ezra, whom survives life as a con artist… from day to day… From that encounter from the crew of “The Ghost” Ezra learns the way of the Jedi, from a renegade Jedi name Kanan Jarrus… also during the process he’s become a crew member of “The Ghost” joining with Sabine, Hera, Zeb, also Chopper..

Star wars Rebel begins on the “DisneyXD” network, this October… This year 2014… Also week get to see more Wookies…!!