DOCTOR WHO | Behind the scenes- creation of the Daleks…?

Knowing “Doctor Who”  that when they started out in creating and crafting the Daleks the fearsome creatures that Davros dangerously created and leading to that the final front line battle zone conflict between the Daleks and the Timelords on Gallifrey..  The last Time War, that war was time locked and then in the Day of the Doctor all twelve Doctors plus on War Doctor proceed to temporal reposition Gallifrey into a safe haven..  As in this Mathew Sweet traces when they started in constructing the Daleks they had only sixty quid in building the Daleks. As Raymond Cusick designs it akin to a pepper shaker demonstrated also to have levitation or anti Grav units… but know the budget was restricted for each Dalek the designer of the was interesting to improvise of using mundane objects that we know now are frightful in imagination..

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