DOCTOR WHO | your very own TARDIS in siege mode cube…?

Rubber Toe Replicas- Tardis siege mode cube

Wondering  what It would look like if your Tardis went into Siege mode as for that Type Forty that was featured in that “Doctor Who” episode Flatline where in the episode that the Earth is parasite with two dimensional creatures known as the Boneless, during that episode they were feeding of dimensional energies from the Tardis therefore draining to such a size it cannot hold itself.. And something has to give that the Doctor had to put the Tardis into siege mode… Into it rawest defaulted shipyard smaller form as than the 100 Km cube size…

The” Rubber Toe Replicas- Tardis siege mode cube” comes in beautifully detail handcrafted using the same relative crafting process as in creating that original studio prop…. With that in mind you’ll get your very own individually crafted cube… it’s crafted out from Polyurethane resin in which is Aluminium powdered to give that metallic look with a little brush blue… but in time it will age well..  one thing this makes as a great Christmas or Valentine present for your girlfriend just in case that when she wants to grow her own Tardis back with some extra dimensional energies that she finds..

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