#BlueOrigin | #NewShepard #ReusableCarrierRocket | #NS10 in company with #NASA experiments – wondering where’s Mannequin Astronaut Skywalker is …?

On 23rd January 2019, on a Texas day it was the launch of the Blue Origin’s New Shepard Reusable Carrier Rocket in which it’s the Tenth successfully launched New Shepard Carrier Rocket mission yet… In which during the New Shepard’s programming it’s an interesting one as it development into space Tourism in which each carrying on payload counts towards certification of Manned passenger crewed into orbiting space around the planet earth, also towards docking with a planned in development Space hotel in the programs developments…

New Shepard is iconically named after one of the founding Alan Shepard, Mercury also Apollo mission astronaut…. New Shepard program was named wise dedicated to his honour in which the program was named… The Tenth launched was launched at Blue Origin’s Ranch launch site in which the lift off began at 1005 Hours Eastern Standard Time.  In reaching a Crew Capsule Apogee of 107 Kilometers with Max Ascent Velocity of 3,582 KM/hr  with a mission duration of ten minutes and fifteen seconds..

The various payload in question was majority of NASA –National Aeronautics Space Administration  in which were design to support NASA’s requirement in advancing space propulsion technologies, habitation systems, in which was critical for other exploration requirements.. All of the experiments onboard had a very brief moment in microgravity, in which explore those experimental issues..  Of One from Carthage College Space Sciences Program in collaboration with KSC- Kennedy Space Centre in fuel gauge mechanics in space environments in microgravity in utilizing sound waves .. Other experimentations onboard on dust particles reactions on moon, Asteroids towards planetary missions being disturbed during the mission duration…  in which the Unmanned crew command module RSS- CSS H.G Wells..


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