Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Then finding a pulse, on his wrist, his neck ….it’s not there, looking for the places where, there’s a pulse that’s reading , there’s no heart beat it’s not there… after trying to resurrected him for more than hour or so but no avail.. After hammering my fist hard on his chest.. Something must have happen to him previously, then hugging him tight, feeling, thinking what to do next then feeling his pain as a tear started rolling down my cheek finding a loss bond in the past.. .. Who is this guy.. As if someone about wanting  to condemning forensically him dead…


Galifery……Near the edge of Time. 

There was one time where this office was occupied, by person whom drawn that line in the red Galiferyian farm barn house sand that he once lived as a boy whom needed courage, that out from fear what’s below his bed….  That line he drawn with in front of the soldiers whom want to retrieve him in facing then now disposed president Rassilon…. Remembering back to that moment where her moment of regeneration began.. Looking out to that windows of the main towers of the Citadels in which promenade overview the whole city..



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